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Abstract. Nowadays, the wood punching machine that is commonly used in small- scale furniture industry has a lot of deficiencies. Most of the industries still use makeshift machines to reduce the investment cost, thus the efficiency and the engine performance in terms of production speed is very low. One of the ways to resolve the problem is designing and manufacturing a prototype the drill press machine with low-cost material. The aims of this research are to design and manufacture a prototype the drill press machine with low-cost material to speed up the process of making the holes, increasing daily production and obtaining more precise cutting quality. The Method that used in this research includes designing the machine, making production drawing for its parts, manufacturing mechanical parts, and integrating electrical components and accessories by considering the use of the materials that are easy to obtain at the market. The results of tests performed in two different workshop furniture businesses show that by using the machine in the manufacturing of 12mm x 120mm sized holes with a depth of 70mm, a decrease in the average processing time of 1.03 minutes compared to the conventional machine. In term of the precision, the measured results along the hole shows that the difference between the end of the hole to within around 0.1mm.

Keywords: Prototype, furniture, industry, machine

Link: http://ojs.uho.ac.id/index.php/dinamika/article/view/1720



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ABSTRACT. Energy distribution process on any of thermal machine commonly occurs within four parts. From the total energy which produced by combustion, only 20 of 100 percent used to generating shaft power, and the remaining is wasted. 30 percent of the wasted energy is emitted with exhaust gas. The exhaust gas temperature (EGT) type Ranger 2 cylinder can rise at 300oC at full rate and above depends on the engine load. The heat production from this process can be treating as a heat source (heater). The liquid water is drained into a shaped-coil pipe and collected in such high EGT to increase the enthalpy. The tool with a simple design can serve as a water heater which economical because its employs the exhaust heat from the operating engine.

Keywords : diesel engine, energy ,exhaust gas temperature (EGT)


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